When I think of early 2000s Pop music, I often associate it with a sense of rebellion and indulgence. Within my own fashion tastes, artwork, and the music I listen to, I crave the aesthetically pleasing world of the early 2000s within a nostalgic, rose-colored lens. Upon discovering Portuguese bedroom pop artist Nana Lourdes, her energetic, rebellious Indie pop beats instantly transport me to an early 2000s fantasy, filled with low-rise jeans, rimless sunglasses, flip phones, and unforgettable pop anthems, though with a modern Indie pop twist. 

Despite not coming from a musical family, Nana claims that the musical spirit has always been in her. During childhood, she recalls going to a friend’s Birthday party, in which the friend’s family was very musical, with many instruments around. While other kids at the party were playing outside, Nana sat  at her friend’s piano trying to learn Vanessa Carlton’s “1000 miles”. 

Once Nana got a computer, she began to experiment with making music with GarageBand. “It was very hard at first, and I’m very impatient.” Nana initially started making beats before writing music, as she would often import a song, remake the beat and write over the track. Through listening to “a lot of older music,” this helped her own music become more embellished. Jokingly, she says “I never thought my music would have drums or lyrics.” Nana Lourdes began listening to the drums of Kevin Parker and Tame Impala songs for inspiration, and when she implemented more drums into her music, she realized, “What is Pop without a voice?…” 

Through learning the ropes of producing, writing and creating a solid, full-fledged track, Nana tells me it wasn’t until 2018 where she was creating the music she wanted to release. “A lotta practice made me a better producer.” 

Nana Lourdes is very outspoken about her love for early 2000s music, especially Pop. Throughout our conversation, Britney Spears is a name that comes up many times—she tells me Britney gives her lots of inspiration…”From …Baby One More Time  to Blackout, everything kept getting better and better, and especially In the Zone…it’s insane,” she exclaims. 

As it’s established that Nana Lourdes is a hardcore Pop enthusiast, I ask what elements she likes most, to which she replies, “The melodies and the feeling…the feeling Pop music gives me is what I’m chasing, and that’s why I make music.” 

If Nana Lourdes had to describe her creative process, it would be “all over the place.” Living in a village of roughly 800 in Northern Portugal, Nana’s setup is very DIY and in line with the Bedroom Pop spirit, as she goes between her parents’ living room and her late Great Grandmother’s bedroom to record music. “Writing music in a remote place is amazing but lonely.” While creating a track, “everything happens at the same time, though drums usually come first…it depends.” Nana mentions her love for experimenting with new sounds and instruments; “That’s when you get the special stuff.” Of her releases, the single “Kenny” is her favorite. “It’s so disrespectful, and wrote itself so easily. Also telling someone to f*** off is satisfying…” 

Nana Lourdes is an upbeat artist whose music is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Single after single, Nana provides us with Indie Pop anthems fit for dancing in your room or  skateboarding on a sunny day. Nana’s music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and be sure to listen to her newest single, “Superstar”. Keep up with Nana Lourdes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Written By: Alexa Terry