An Interview with .com

.com is a rising indie band from Southern California. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to assist my friend Karina De Leon with a promotional photoshoot. After the session, I sat down with the band for a quick chat.

Photo by Teia Ciornei (@teiatoast)

Teia Ciornei: Can everybody introduce themselves with their name, their role in the band, and a fun fact? 

Cameron: Hi my name is Cameron, and I play guitar and sing for the band. A fun fact about me is that I can do this weird trick with my thumb where it looks like it’s caved in, you just have to take my word for it.

Noah: Hey! I’m Noah Reynoso, I play bass in .com, and one fun fact about me is that I’m a first degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, but that was when I was like nine, so I don’t think it counts anymore.

Abe: My name is Abe, I play guitar and keyboard for .com, and a fun fact about me is that I started in music as a clarinet player.

Leeroy: My name is Leeroy Queriapa. I play drums in .com.

Where are you all from?

Cameron: I’m based in Corona, CA. But I travel so much to OC that I say I’m based around both!

Noah:  I’m from Orange County, Placentia specifically. I still live there but spend most of my time in L.A. for work.

Abe: I’m from Placentia, CA, near Cal State Fullerton.

Leeroy: I’m from Santa Ana, CA

When and how did you all decide to form your band .com?

Cameron: I started .com back in high school, I went under a different name back then but I met all of the other members in the band during high school as well. 

Noah:  It goes back to probably 2018 when Cameron and our friends Natalee and Sergio wanted to jam out. We were on and off for a while, and then during 2022 is when we started playing more shows with Cameron, Abe and I.

Abe: I met Cameron through a mutual friend, Glen, in high school around 2017-2018. I think the first time we jammed was a bit after he and Noah had graduated, I was still a junior/senior. 

Leeroy: I wasn’t involved with the formation of the band. I recently joined .com after me and Cameron reconnected after parting ways shortly after high school.

What have you all been listening to lately?

Cameron: I’ve been listening to so much radiohead recently it’s genuinely concerning. But yeah “In Rainbows” has been on repeat for sure.

Noah: Recently, I’ve become enamored with “I’ll Try” by Her’s; Abe mentioned the song during practice and I love Her’s, so I had to dig in. I also can say “Any Time of Day” by The Lemon Twigs has been my earworm since early this year. Their whole vibe is unbelievable, just plain awesome.

Abe: True Love by Secret Attraction.

Leeroy: Debris by Faces.

Do you have new shows or music to be released / announced soon?

Cameron: Yah, we have a show coming up on March 15th in Santa Ana at the FTG Warehouse. And a show we are all really excited about March 22nd at Teragram Ballroom opening up for Provoker and HighSchool. I’ve been huge fans of them for a long time and playing a show with them is like a full circle moment. I also just released a song last month called “Agape.” It’s a nice ethereal synth ballad. I am also releasing a song this month on March 29th called “Pavement” which is a nice shoegaze grunge type of song. I wrote that one when I was listening to a lot of The Smashing Pumpkins. 

Abe: “Agape” is a single released last month, an ethereal synth love song. More singles to be released in the coming months, I know Cameron’s working on a lot of material, so I’m excited and grateful to help him play his music live.

Leeroy: We’re super excited to be opening up for provoker March 22nd at the Teragram Ballroom. It’s a dream gig kind of scenario for us.

Photo by Karina De Leon (@filmsimp)

Listen to .com’s newest release here: