New LA Electronic duo Sleek Teeth’s debut Single “Gone”

Say hello to LA’s newest dark electronic duo. Sleek Teeth is the project of Josh D’Elia and Vox Porter, who made their musical debut on Oct. 20., with the single “Gone.”

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“We like making music that works on a visceral and physical level that inspires you to move, but also has a lyrical component that allows for deeper exploration if you’re so inclined. ‘Gone’ hit the mark and we both felt it was a good choice as an introduction to the band, so we went with it for the first single,” Vox and Josh of Sleek Teeth explained.

I’ve said it in person, I’ve said it in print, and I’ll say it again: I’m a sucker for Blade (1998)-esque dance tracks. Naturally, “Gone”’s groovy, arpeggiated electronic bassline had me intrigued from the first beat. The chorus then introduces a reverb-heavy vocal melody over a subtle synth line that completes the track’s overall distant, ghostly composure. At times, the track reminds me of 1980s EBM/Industrial classics like Front Line Assembly, DAF and Skinny Puppy, as well as modern dark wave artists like Boy Harsher and TR/ST. “Gone” blends all those spooky sounds and introduces a distinct flavor of their own. I could see it becoming a dance floor regular in LA’s goth(-adjacent) clubs and beyond.  

“Gone” is available on all platforms now, with a supporting music video to follow soon. Sleek Teeth are set to release their debut EP in 2024. 

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