DIRECTORS’ PICKS: Spooky songs for the fall


The KXLU Director Team share their favorite spooky songs for the season! Listen to the playlist on Spotify HERE.

“Devil in Me” by Pretty Sick 

I will be honest, I picked this because of the title. The music is not sonically spooky or witchy but it mentions devils and angels and that’s enough for me. – Lauren Cassiano, General Manager

“In the Afternoon” by MGMT

A Cure inspired macabre masterpiece. Although the lyrics are spooky, you’ll find it impossible not to dance along to the music, as if you’re being possessed. – Lana Katnich, Program Director

“Baggy Trousers” by Madness

Nothing too spooky about big pants right? Wrong. Close your eyes and imagine a gaggle of well-dressed skeletons with bad teeth singing this to you. – Angus Johnson, Music Director

“Found Love in a Graveyard” by Veronica Falls

The eery lyrics in this song are what makes it feel very Halloween themed to me, and paired with the foreboding cover, it definitely fits the holiday feeling. – Brendan Baehr, Promotions Director

“Witches” by Alice Phoebe Lou

The buzzy intro to this song reminds me of a witch flying around on her broomstick on a Halloween night. Alice Phoebe Lou’s voice is bubbling (like a witch’s cauldron!) and mesmerizing (like a witch’s spell)! To me, this is quintessential Halloween/fall listening. – Maddie Chang, Social Media/Web Director

“STORY OF BLOOD” by John Cale & Weyes Blood

One listen and you’re transported to a vampire’s lounge nearing sunrise. Weyes Blood’s haunting vocals follow John Cale’s hearty voice in the same manner a spirit would a person. A beautiful song to ‘swing your soul’ to. – Isa Johnson, KLMU Co-Director

“Scarecrow” by Beck

A rambling nightmare of lyrics, Beck’s scarecrow provides some chill but grounded Halloween vibes through its use of guitar and Radiohead-esque soundscape. – Thomas Davies, KLMU Co-Director