Sister Gemini is the musical mistress of the dark in “Elvira”

Sister Gemini is the musical mistress of the dark in  “Elvira”


Photo by: @kyla.rain

After a lifetime of writing lyrics in her bedroom and turning her coming-of-age circumstances into sonic creations, Sister Gemini is debuting her smooth and sincere debut single, “Elvira” (out now)!

“I had such a soft spot for my ex that I assisted him in doing what he did to me. This song was born out of guilt.”

Sister Gemini on “Elvira”

22-year-old singer/songwriter Remy (aka Sister Gemini) tells it how it is, and her debut single is a testament to that. Elvira acts as an apology of sorts, allowing the artist to come to terms with her past mistakes through an indie soundscape that feels genuine and warm. 

The Michigan-born/ Los Angeles-based musician first found her passion for music from female powerhouses. At the early age of 4, Remy was introduced to Alanis Morissette, Dolly Parton, and Sheryl Crow. Her nanny at the time showed her what fierce female artistry sounds like, giving her cassettes to play through her Barbie tape player. The rest was history, and Remy continues to channel those memories into her songwriting. Writing about the feminine experience feels like second nature, and she can’t help but credit Morissette, Parton, and Crow for her training on how to be a badass and brilliant songstress.

Remy began her songwriting journey when she bunkered down in her bedroom after being publicly outed as bisexual at her Catholic high school. Naturally, Remy called upon the catharsis that is musical creation, working through the feelings of shame through song. Songwriting sparked a sense of pride that Remy knew she deserved, and the singer/songwriter went on to grace the finest stages of the Bay Area before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dream from her college dorm. Now Remy sees the world through fresh eyes, ready to release music that shows us all who she really is. “Elvira” is the first of many singles to come from Sister Gemini, so be sure to stay up to date with all that’s to come.

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