Georgia Feroce Explores the Complexities of Astrology & Human Emotion through Debut LP “Moon Signs”

Today, Alt-Pop artist Georgia Feroce releases her debut LP, Moon Signs. Leading up to its release, I had the chance to speak with Georgie about creating music, Astrology, and the many details behind Moon Signs. Read the full interview below!

From childhood Georgia always had a passion for music, especially with a piano readily available in her home. “I liked creating jingles and melodies on the piano, and I also played clarinet in band.” She adds that while she loved music a lot, there was a point in time where she dedicated her time to sports, though she reassures me that her passion for music resurfaced once she entered college…”music was calling my name again.” 

Like many of us, the early lockdowns of the pandemic gave us lots of time to sit in silence and reflect on where we were. In the case of Georgia Feroce, this moment was her calling to finally record the music she loved to create. “The lockdowns kind of stopped the world for a bit, but through all of it there was a silver lining…it let me take the time on what I wanted to put out.” 

Through this newfound motivation to record her music, Georgia went on to record the single “Baby Blue”, which will also be included on Moon Signs. During the writing and recording experience for Moon Signs, Georgia describes to me that she’s grown so much since first embarking on the project. “There’s a lot of mixed emotions and we create something out of the ugliness. Through this I had to look at the relationship with myself…” 

Moon Signs is about men and questioning existence, all while using astrology as a backdrop.” Georgia explains that each song represents a moon sign, and astrology often brings her clarity when sorting through her emotions. To those unfamiliar with Astrology, one’s moon sign represents the Zodiac sign in which the moon was positioned when you were born, representing emotions of oneself. “When the world doesn’t make sense, we look outside our world.” Since her LP focuses on moon signs, I of course ask her what her sign is, to which she replies “Aries sun, Cancer moon, and Leo rising”. 

Moon Signs features 12 tracks of indie music with a 90s bedroom-pop flare, following the contradictory emotions that come with romantic relationships and finding oneself, all around a backdrop of looking towards astrology for clarity. Georgia tells me that while each track is connected through similar themes, “they are all different.” She adds that her favorite tracks are “Maybe It’s Not You” for its fun and catchy elements, and “Baby Blue”, as it has a soft spot in her heart. 

“Through this project I’m becoming more of myself…what’s already there is now coming to the surface, and I can see the bigger picture clearly now.” 

When creating music, Georgia adds that her strong emotions tend to be the catalyst of creativity, and “sometimes [music] is the only outlet…I’ll start with guitar and mess with some chords, and it starts to reveal itself.” 

Inspired by the music of Modest Mouse, Foster the People, Cage the Elephant, and a variety of singer/songwriters, Georgia Feroce’s music is very reminiscent of the indie pop of the early 2000’s and 2010’s, “just with some grit,” to her words. Feroce is incredibly transparent about who she is as an artist and person, and shares her raw emotion through her debut LP, Moon Signs.

Moon Signs is now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. Keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter!

Written By: Alexa Terry