SONODA releases meditative pop track, “Purpose”

On August 31st, LA-based “meditative pop” ensemble Sonoda released a new, dreamy track titled “Purpose”. 

As we slowly creep into the Fall, “Purpose” reminds us that Summer isn’t over just yet. The upbeat, yet calm dreampop sounds alongside glistening water visuals provides the perfect image of gently floating in a backyard pool on a Saturday afternoon. 

As well as providing us with a serene visual of an easygoing Summer, the single’s title prompts us with a question: What is your purpose? As a recent graduate myself, my mind is often overwhelmed with this question. As I listened to this track, the question became less scary, evoking the thoughts of self discovery and ultimately, what fulfills you.

“Purpose” exudes a feeling of relaxation and appreciation for life around us, and listening to the track truly made me slow down and savor the final moments of Summer, as well as calm the racing thoughts within the impatient mind. Though in Los Angeles, is summer truly ever over?…

As the meditative pop title suggests, Sonoda’s music gives us the opportunity to slow down and appreciate the moments in front of us—the musical equivalent of a deep breath. 

“Purpose” is available to stream on Bandcamp , Soundcloud , and  Spotify, and keep up with Sonoda on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Written By: Alexa Terry