A Glimpse Into the Life of Margo Guryan

Margo is a central figure in the sunshine pop and rock scene of Laurel Canyon, sharing cigs and ideas with the likes of Elton John, Harry Nilsson and The Beach Boys – to name a few.

Her music is a melancholic stroll through a forest, her voice tender yet ethereal like iridescent moss. Decorated with twinkly guitars and some of the best snare sounds ever, Margo’s music paints a watercolor memory into your mind and transports you into a warm celestial embrace.

In lieu of an interview during The Witching Hour show, here is a spotlight of Laurel Canyon’s Margo Guryan, featuring a curation of music and some of her favorite things. Tune in to The Witching Hours April 29th from 10PM-12AM PDT to hear a selection of Margo’s favorite tracks!

Check out her recent covers here, which includes her rendition of “Think of Rain” by Pearl & the Oysters!

Written By: Marina of The Witching Hours