9 Questions with Oslo native and club disco artist Otha

Relatively new to the music scene, Otha has made a splash in clubs around the world this past year with the release of her two singles “One of the Girls” and “I’m On Top”. Personally, I spent over two months with these tracks on repeat, and that’s when I knew we had to feature her. Despite over 5,000 miles separating us, I was able to connect with Otha for a brief chat. Read through the interview below!

  1. When you go out to the club, are you a dancer or a head-bopper?
    I’m both. Sometimes it’s nice to just stand and bop your head, other times you just gotta let loose. 
  2. As a child, what purpose did music serve you? Who were some of the musicians that you looked up to?
    As a child I listened a lot to The Killers and Alicia Keys. I was very shy, and to me music was a place where I could hide away.
  3. When did music transform from something you listen to, from this passive, receptive act, to a platform of creation and action for you?
    I started trying to make my own music when I was 21. It was really fun finishing “One of the Girls” cause that’s the first full song I wrote.
  4. The message of your lyrics tend to be a carefree and celebratory attitude, why is this the theme you chose to convey and how do you think it interacts with the club music genre?
    I want people to feel carefree and celebratory when they listen to the music!! When people are listening to club music they want to dance and to get people dancing the music has to be a bit loose, but also hit a nerve.
  5. Can you describe the thought process behind your poses on both the covers for your singles? They are similar.
    Haha, yes. I guess I just wanted some sort of consistency since it was the two first singles.
  6. How would you recommend other upcoming artists distribute their music to the masses?
    Just make super cool music that interacts with people! Give people what they want to hear. 
  7. Who are you listening to right now?
    A listen to a lot of different acts but some of them are ROSALÍA, Kornél Kovács and Tierra Whack. 
  8. Who are you hoping to collaborate with next?
    Hard question cause there’s so many cool artists out there. But Sofi Tukker would be dope. 
  9. Are you coming to the states (LA) anytime soon?
    I hope to one day!! But nothing planned yet 🙂

Words and Interview by Jenny Lee.