Weyes Blood Titanic Rising Album Release

I’m in the middle of a cemetery. And it’s dark. Street lights shine through the trees, creating shadow women in the distance. 

As we walk past the tombstones, I avoid looking at names, somehow thinking that they would prefer I preserve their privacy. Nothing happened to prove me otherwise, so I’d consider this method tried and true.

The Lodge itself is certainly ridden with all sorts of unique spirits, dead and alive and alcoholic.

In the side room, I ordered myself a pamplemousse La Croix because I’m on the job.

This room is decorated for a party. Silver and blue balloons dance in the currents as crowds head over to the main room. I follow them. Bass echoes into the hallway, and then I turn the corner to see twin chandeliers shrouded in green light. And smack dab in between stands is the opening act.

Jackie Cohen’s opening set delighted me in a number of ways. Hers was a name I hadn’t heard before, but since the show, I can’t stop thinking about her.  Her band offers a modest folk twang in partnership with her earnest vocals and soul searching lyrics. I recommend listening to her song “Bold” if you’ like a taste.

Weyes Blood takes centerstage in a white jumpsuit, greeting the crowd with the phrase. 

“It’s a wild time to be alive.”

Her methods of commanding the stage are nonchalant and incredibly genuine. She’s thanks the crowd for helping her celebrate the release of Titantic Rising, but refrains from indulging in too many words. She is here to perform.

The Subpop artist aligns herself well with the category. Her classical and folk instrumental stylings mix with borderline psychedelic pop arrangements, only to be blanketed by her silvery vocals.

Blue and orange lights swirl across the stage as the audience sways sipping their wine and beer. 

The after party hosted a multitude of Weyes Blood’s personal and industry friends, all there to celebrate her achievement. As I took it all, I didn’t see a moment pass where she wasn’t surrounded. Mike Hadreas, better known as Perfume Genius presented her with a cake.

I introduced myself to her for a brief moment and congratulated her, and she could not have been kinder to a stranger like me. What a delightful night to spend in a cemetery.

Words by Jenny Lee.