13 reasons why you should donate to KXLU during Fundrazor

It’s that time of year again y’all! Where we are asking you to help us raise $100,000 so we can continue to pursue our mission of giving a platform to the underplayed and up-and-coming artists in LA and across the world.

And in honor of the release of our 13th compilation album, we wanted to share with you 13 reason why you should donate!

13.  You can get the new comp album — duh — which includes live sessions from Eyedress, Boy Harsher, Cobra Man, Holladay, Cowgirl Clue and more!

12. Donating anywhere from $5 to $100,000 can get you a taste of our sweet swag. We have something for every price point.

11. Tired of using corporate banks? Store your money with us! Little to no guarantee you’ll get it back.

10.  If you don’t donate you don’t have our permission to listen to KXLU. LOL jk, it’s chill, but also please donate.

9. One time Michael Jordan, or a man using that pseudonym, pledged to donate $10,000 in return for a tote to carry his basketball after his games. We never received the donation and we are under the impression that it potentially was a joke, BUT it def could have been the real thing. Don’t be like Mike.

8. One time Kurt Cobain wore our classic splotch logo tee in a music video. Not “Kurt Cobain,” but THE Kurt Cobain.

7. All KXLU donations are tax deductible, so you could potentially save money! Or maybe not. I don’t know how taxes work.

6. Donating is a great talking point if you are trying to impress a date. And why surprise them with flowers when you can gift them a two-toned vinyl tote bag! Doesn’t rot and can hold your fav music.

5. Ever want to have a sugar baby? We can be yours.

4. Some of y’all about to be real mad at me, but it must be said. Some of y’all need to donate.

3. You will get personally shouted out on air by us DJs! Talk about celeb-bra-ty!

2. Maybe you just got some extra cash flowing through? You know what I’m gonna say.

1. We are LA’s only truly independent radio station and a non-profit. This Fundrazor supports us the entire year through and allows us to continue our mission. Please consider donating today.