Prole Art Threat

Prole Art Threat


Kyle has been a KXLU DJ since 1997 and has been the host of Prole Art Threat since 2001. This passage of time would be listed in dog years, but we’re not 100% sure as to when you’re reading this. Prole Art Threat was originally created to document the San Diego music scene of the late 90’s, and now explores the mood of invention and exploration both past and present through several genres including Hard Rock, Emo, Chiptune, Metal, Chillwave, Post-Punk, Soundtrack Recordings, Guitar-based meedleys, and Synth-based designer sounds.

As a general rule, it’s hard to know what type of music you’ll hear when tuning in to Prole Art Threat but, as a show, it tends to be noisy and have a nice little groove to the whole thing. Most people like it. You might like it too.

Prole Art Threat



SUN // 2pm - 6pm


WED // 7pm - 8pm


TUE // 2am - 6am