Nelson Rodriguez

Nelson Rodriguez


I Began my musical journey in the late 70’s, as a DJ and member of the first Latin record pool in the world, International Latin Music Spinners, in Da Bronx, New York and developed into Chart Director and Rep to the Latin record distributors.

While at ILMS I was given the opportunity to be the first Latin record promoter for a major label as East Coast Rep for TH Records & Tapes that would become the #1 Salsa label of the 80’s. 

By 1991 I would move over, along with world famous Salsa artist Oscar D’ Leon, to RMM Records & Tapes (the #1 Salsa and Latin Jazz label of the 90’s) as General Manager and National Director of Promotions and helped develop the international expansion making RMM/Tropijazz Records a $12 million dollar business. One of my favorite accomplishments was the creation of the Tropijazz Record label and working with the hottest two youngest artist Marc Anthony & India and the Queen & King Celia Cruz & Tito Puente. 

My historical music evolution grew from writing and documenting in the Spanish newspaper El Especial, Mambo Express Magazine (in Los Angeles) that became Latin Beat Magazine until 2011 when I joined Herencia magazine and Latinos Unidos Record Pool (member since early 2000’s). During this time period I interviewed well over 500 artists, over the past four decades, to chronicle the history of Afro Caribbean & Latin Jazz music.

Joined Alma Del Barrio in 2007 where I get a chance to share and teach about this wonderful music to our listeners worldwide.


Nelson Rodriguez



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