Mall Fight

Mall Fight


Mall Fight originated as an initiative to support marginalized music, community and entertainment through DIY and underground live shows. Our promoter pairing was conceived and cultivated at KXLU by two KXLU DJs in 2018 and has since found new life as a speciality show Tuesdays 12-1PM. As the music scene is revived, we hope to bring you homegrown tunes on and off the air.

DJ N.e.l

After being off the air for a few years, I’m overjoyed to share this show with my dear friend, co-conspirator, and fellow goofball. I’ll be spinning souldies, jazz, folk, international pop, disco, Italian motion picture/giallo, crooners, funky trumpet, love tracks, field recordings, and conversations with special guests. Thanks for tuning in! 

Erica (Bruhmoment)

I’m here to bring you psychedelic, techno, hardcore, trance and whatever else suits the moment! I hope to bring the scene to the airwaves with recordings of live DJ sets and shows that I catch throughout the month. My show should capture the familiar, unsettling feeling that is the gray area of life (and death), paired with brief moments of clarity during eclectic and topical airbreaks. It’s as nostalgic as it is exciting to be able to work with my friend, Nel, again. Thanks for hanging out with us!

Mall Fight



LMU STUDENT DJ; MON// 9am-12pm


TUE // 3pm - 6pm


LMU STUDENT DJ; TUE // 12pm - 1pm


TUE // 6am - 9am


LMU STUDENT DJ; MON // 1pm - 3pm


MON // 9am - 10:30am