Robert Douglas

I came from the Hollywood Scene looking like “Escape From New York’s” Snake Pliskin, working at a supermarket and transferring in to LMU from SMC. At a party the night before school started, Tomás Palermo asked if I’d be into becoming a KXLU DJ, and I enthusiastically said YES. I passed the test and was accepted to KLMU then KXLU, elevated up through time slots, eventually becoming Co-Production Director, Art Director, two years of Public Service Director, briefly co-hosting The High Noon News, host of The Weekend Intowne Report, then host of THE Intowne Report , and host of Happy Trails, which started as a one hour show featuring old and new Alternative Country, Singer/Songwriter, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, and Americana, and was added to once a month by Jana Pendragon for many years, bringing in live acts, and for several years Ronnie Mack and Judy Toy, and Eric Stringer, with who I changed the name from Happy Trails to LIVATION, then Hilary Russell, who for over a decade has co-hosted, co-produced, and co-booked the show, featuring the newest and coolest bands playing LIVE on the air every week, in addition to a half hour of music beforehand. Additionally, Hilary and I do THE INTOWN REPORT, announced each week towards the end of the show, featuring the coolest gigs in L.A, OC, Ventura, and more, also viewable at Find LIVATION at and on Instagram at livation889fm and hear us on KXLU, Wednesday’s at 6AM to 8AM and Thursday’s at 12AM to 2AM.

Hilary Russell

I am Hilary Russell and I am one half of the entity that is Livation. Every Wednesday at midnight (technically Thurs.12:00am) a different band performs live on our show on the air. We book them, set them up for their performance and engineer their sets. We also assemble playlists of newest releases and well loved punk, rock, industrial, surf, rockabilly and more to play before the band goes on. Additionally we create the concert calendar for KXLU called the Intown Report, featuring the coolest gigs happening all over Southern California for the coming week.

I grew up in L.A. and have been music obsessed for most of my life. Sound and melody are my elixir, lyrics are my poetry, it fulfills my life in many ways. I am out nearly every weekend to see local and touring bands play in clubs and I’m proud to be a part of such an amazingly creative community. It also is an opportunity to book talented bands for Livation. I am self-employed which keeps me busy during the week along with preparation for the show.

I joined Livation in 2010, it has been an amazing experience and I get to work with one of my very best friends. I have learned so much, it has opened many doors. I love being a DJ on KXLU, the coolest radio station in Los Angeles! It’s really a win-win, bands have a venue to have their music heard by a large audience worldwide and we get to hear some of the best music around, the energy exchange is great! It is the best job I don’t get paid monetarily for.




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