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Groove Time


Groove Time is a world service offered weekly and exclusively over the non-commercial airwaves of radio KXLU. By world service it is meant that Groove Time is broadcast using FM waves which replicate themselves nearly endlessly deep into the universe and that in recognition of the probability that these waves will be somewhere received and deciphered by someone, the program is designed to reflect favorably on the inhabitants of this planet.

As of 2022 the oldest emanations of Groove Time are thirty six light years out from Earth. During all of this broadcasting, nary a discouraging word has been spoken and there have been no musical compositions less than exemplary of their genre and edifying to the species.

Groove Time, the radio program, is about rhythm, which, along with the ability to apprehend beauty for its own sake, are among the few characteristics which differentiate us qualitatively from other life on this planet.

Groove Time is dedicated to dance music. Everything played for all these years is one hundred per cent dance floor quality, music performed for audiences that take their dancing on Saturday night very seriously. Indeed, it can be said with some pride that Groove Time offers the best pop (as in popular and populist) music made by flesh and blood human beings on the planet.

To define Groove Time’s musical territory, draw a line from Havana, Cuba to Nairobi, Kenya, then draw another from Nairobi to Rio de Janeiro. That triangle contains the core territory from which most of the music heard on Groove Time emanates. We overlap regularly to include New Orleans and even Detroit on occasion. Nor is the music of South Africa, Tanzania and Mozambique exempted. And, from time to time, the swinging musical styles from Panama, Venezuela and Colombia will get airplay. In short, anybody who can pack a dance floor, wherever it might be found, can find themselves on Groove Time’s playlists.
About me: Living in Africa for a time imparted many life-changing impressions, chief among them that I am totally and completely insignificant. It’s the rhythm, man.

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Groove Time



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