Eddie Lopez

Eddie Lopez


I joined Alma del Barrio in 1976. It was my second radio program having learned the ropes at a Pepperdine’s Kmbu radio station.
I also worked professionally at KKJZ jazz radio station. Other stations where I did salsa radio shows included KCRW and KMBU and I worked professionally for KABC Radio and for Telemundo as a video editor.
I grew up in Koreatown. I went to Daniel Murphy high school and Cathedral high school next to Dodger Stadium.
As a child I was fascinated with radio. I would record and create radio programs on a little reel to reel Craig recorder and pretend I was the dj. I would interview family and friends and record everything that came to mind. In my bedroom which I shared with several siblings and uncles I would wire speakers to a small transistor radio. I often had wires running to 5 speakers. I would stay up late at night and listen to radio stations coming in from other states. One of my favorites was XPRS because it came from Rosario, Mexico and it featured the famous dj Wolfman Jack who was featured in the movie American Graffitti.
Joining Alma del Barrio was a wonderful experience. It’s hard to believe I have been with the show and KXLU for over 40 years. It doesn’t seem possible so please keep it to yourself! lol
It’s been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

Eddie Lopez



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